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On Saturday, June 17, the Eighth Masters and Second World Cup Veterans’ Championships ended.
The World Cup took place with a new formula, in two maxi groupings, in 5 days, with quarterfinals, semifinals and finals, in total 80 games on two Arenas, Palaonda and Meranarena.
An applause goes to all the volunteers, timekeeper, massagers and staff who have allowed the event to succeed and welcomed all the athletes from all over the world with professionalism, but above all with the smile and availability.

Italy 38 had to redeem the 2016 disappointment and made it touched by the final, losing in the semifinals against the US rivals for 4-3, after being also in the 3-1 advantage. In the final for the bronze, Italy imposed 2-0 against Switzerland.

Italy 45 after the great silver 2016 in this world is only ranked seventh, losing to the quarters against Canada and in the semifinals against France.

The final win in the Masters category goes back to the Czech Republic, which beat 3-1 USA, replicating the 2016 final. Surprised instead in the Over 45 where Slovakia wins the Veterans Cup for 8-4 against the USA while winning the bronze the Czech Republic beating Canada 4-3.

12 Nations in attendance, 22 teams, including 2 new nations join FIRS, Hungary and Slovakia, for the 2018 edition there will be new members to the world of “Old men”. Congratulations to all the athletes and staff for the wonderful sports performance offered and for the wonderful spirit of friendship in the field and out.

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