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Road to World Cup 2017

The road to the World Cup 2017 in Bolzano and Merano is marked and GM David is already working all his energies to organize again a fantastic event.

The rumors say that, like last year, there will be a team of osteopaths students who have worked so well last year and two tanks for cold therapy, one in Bolzano and Merano, the QRYO companies that will help athletes in fast muscle fatigue recovery.

The best news we want to share with you, is the MOST PRECIOUS help that is provided by the company OSCAR BOSCAROL

“The Oscar Boscarol Ltd. is engaged in production and distribution of medical technologies for rescue distinguished by efficiency, for ease of use, quality, and its mission is to search for innovative solutions, quality test, which meet the needs of those who work to rescue and help those in emergency situations. This is the spirit that brought their products to confirm a valuable aid, as well as essential support and a constant reference for all professionals.

Today Oscar Boscarol is a world-leading, directing abroad about half of its production. ”

Another very welcome confirmation that of the operators of the Red Cross ALTO ADIGE, needless to say, indispensable for a secure world cup also from the medical point of view.

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