Don't lost it!

First test.

First test for our guys both over 38 (1 and 2) both over 45. The boys of Italy 2, led by coach Parini, stilmat have tested him again with a test track about an hour but given the numerous defections for labor disputes, it was more like a workout for the goalkeepers.

The over 45 at 20.00 has been engaged in a friendly with New Zealand, which is useful to test the legs and held on the track. Positive test for the Lazzi coach guys who win 7 to 1 even though there are still some mechanisms to lubricate and perfect.

Finally the guys from Italy over 38 have played, they too at lower ranks, a friendly against a team formed by different players in the odor of senior national team. Despite losing 5 to 3 the test was definitely positive and we are confident that our boys will be ready for the first match.

During today they have proven track also Canada and Australia teams distinctly different but both combative.

Tomorrow still dedicated to training:

Italy over 45 in Merano from 11.00

Italy 2 in Bolzano at 12.00.

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