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8th Masters World Cup & 2nd Veterans World Cup ROLLER IN LINE HOCKEY

Hello to everyone, these months of absence after the World Cup in Bolzano and Merano are served to rest the body and above the head, from the strain of preparation and realization of the last edition of the World Cup. As you know has not been easy, but in all honesty it was a great success: masterful and precise organization (thanks again to all who helped us), services offered at the height, spectacular competition venues, have made sure that the presence of athletes and accompanying persons were numerous as never before.

The news of the possible choice of Bratislava (Slovakia) as the venue of the next World Cup had been gladly accepted by all nations, and certainly would have been an appropriate venue but, unfortunately, the Slovaks had to give up and opened a “hunt” to search for the appropriate place. Well, you know how it went? FIRS asked our David Ninzatti if Italy had been able to organize the event also for 2017! You think… Ninzy, so called by friends, had decided to withdraw from its “charges” as Manager/Team Manager/Organizer…instead gave a positive response and immediately began work on the project.

You read right: this edition of the World Masters and Veterans will take place in the comfortable and spectacular structures of Bolzano and Merano under the supervision of the fantastic Ninzatti-Zisser duo who have worked so well last year.

The first bulletin FIRS has already been published and I bring him back again to make me want to follow all the stages of this world.

The first welcome news is the laying of Stilmat in Bolzano and Merano, where last year it was rather slippery Sport Court.

At the moment the registered national teams are the ones that you find listed below, nearly a month left at the end and we hope you add some other nation:

MASTERS (over 38):

Italy – France – Germany – Switzerland – Slovakia – Slovenia – Czech Republic – Australia – Canada – US – UK – Finland and Hungary.

VETERANS (over 45): Italy – France – Germany – UK – Australia – Canada and the Czech Republic.

As you can see we have two “new” Masters national teams, Finland and Hungary, while Canada can field a Veteran national team: will be a beautiful sight!

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